SOTI is a proven product innovator and EMM Industry leader providing support for new mobile devices and operating systems well before the competition. Making day to day mobility management easy lets the enterprise take mobility to endless possibilities..


Make Mobile Devices More Secure

Mobile Device Management (MDM) improves mobile worker productivity and makes their device more secure. However, as mobile devices become more capable, MDM has had to evolve to the next level; Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). EMM provides all of the core functions of MDM, PLUS the management of applications, content, and email.

When you are looking for a MDM solution, SOTI is the expert in the field. We have been an industry leader in the MDM market for over two decades. In fact, we helped define the market; starting with the remote management of Pocket PC’s and Windows CE rugged devices, and evolving over the years to the lifecycle management of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


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