Microlise is an award-winning world leader in vehicle fleet management solutions. Microlise assists organisations to reduce, control and manage their fleet vehicle costs, as well as increase operational efficiency.

The Microlise solution suite covers four broad areas: telematics, safety compliance, journey management and proof of delivery. An end-to-end Microlise solution reduces fuel consumption, maximises vehicle utilisation, improves driver safety and provides real-time visibility of the fleet against schedule.

Microlise solutions are used by leading European companies, such as MAN, Carlsberg and DHL. Each year Microlise saves its clients over h8undreds of millions of dollars in fuel costs, and reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by thousands of metric tonnes.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Microlise has offices in Australia (Melbourne), France and India.


  • Date 22/10/2017
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