Our structured approach to mobility is focused on reducing cost, improving accuracy and enhancing quality. So when it comes to upgrading or replacing ageing technology, you can be confident of a solution that fits your budget.

Whether it’s a small site survey or a complex custom implementation project, our team works closely with you to fully understand your environment and deployment strategy. We use this information to design a cost-effective and reliable solution which will maximise your investment and to provide a painless implementation.

In keeping with how we implement a project we split it into 4 distinct service phases: Design Phase, Deployment Phase, Management Phase and finally Support Phase. Our services team have the experience and skillset to implement new mobility projects or migrate old mobile technologies to a new mobility solution.

Design is the foundation of a smooth implementation and faster ROI. We work with the client to understand their needs, processes and systems. We build and test an architecture for their specific environment so that it can be tested in production. With the design confirmed, we help our clients deploy the solution –supplying the equipment, configuring it, installing it, testing it and commissioning it.

Effective device management is key to delivering ROI – we provide documentation and training to ensure the client’s staff get the best from the equipment, and a remote management system to manage and track all devices, no matter where they are located throughout the organisation.

Skywire has a complete support offering including a full service desk to diagnose and manage ongoing technical issues, remedial maintenance, break/fix support, spares and lifecycle management. We can take on every aspect of managing the client’s mobile fleet to simplify adoption and support.

The design stage of every project is critical and involves defining each individual component of the solution based on the customer’s individual requirements. It involves gathering requirements information and creating the architecture design and defining an SOE for the mobility device in order for it to function correctly and integrate into the network.

For wireless networks site surveys are completed and a report delivered in keeping with the corporate wireless LAN architecture standards to ensure it fully meets your needs. The definition of an SOE for the mobility device is an important step. Skywire engineers would work to optimise the device looking at firmware and operating system revisions/patches, as well as understanding application, needs such as security or lockdown.

The goal of this phase is to define and proof the complete standard operating environment (SOE) for the solution so that equipment is fully functional and optimised for use in the next phase – deployment.

Requirements Analysis

Our mobility analysts workshop and understand the needs of the relevant stakeholders, this includes capturing the requirements from an operational, user, technical, IT and support perspective. Once captured and categorised the  equirements are documented so that they can be agreed for sign off.

Statement of Work

For all projects having a clear statement of work is essential. Our analysts will help build a clear statement of work that includes timelines, deliverables, activities and tasks, dependencies, acceptance criteria, risks and success factors for the delivery of a mobility or wireless project.

Systems Low Level Design

A low level design is more detailed in nature than a high level design. It comprehensively covers and documents the system architecture and solution being proposed focussing at a more granular individual component level. Generally a low level design document covers many pages and is detailed in nature.

RF and Network Site Survey

A wireless site survey is the process involved in designing and planning a wireless network. A wireless site survey report includes: access point locations with pictures and installation instructions; wireless interference diagrams; coverage maps; site or technical recommendations; recommended bill of materials. A site survey involves an engineer attending site to perform this service.

High Level Network Architecture

Our technicians understand your network requirements, your strategic direction as well as any technical or budgetary constraints to create a network architecture design that meets your criteria.

The findings and recommendations are then documented and finally presented to you.

Mobility Workshop

An Enterprise Mobility strategy is an important step in deployment. We come and hold a workshop where we go through what is currently available in the market, what is coming and how you can get from where you are now to where you want to be with a clear path forward

Systems High Level Design

A high level design covers and documents the relevant system architecture, modules and functions and how they combine to make up the overall solution being deployed. Generally a high level design document is an overview that covers a few pages and is high level in nature.

SOE Build

Building a tried and tested software image and configuration (SOE) for your mobile fleet is essential for successful mobility deployments. The Skywire technical team will help build and test the mobile SOE image by examining firmware, operating system revisions, security patches, application needs, configuration settings, device optimisation, EMM enrollment. This standard software image is then used, tested and approved for full mobile fleet deployment to give a consistent and reliable user experience across all units

Predictive RF Site Survey

A predictive wireless site survey is performed using desktop predictive and planning tools that simulate the customer environment to provide a wireless design. A predictive site survey report includes: access point locations; expected  overage maps; technical recommendations; recommended bill of materials.

Mobility and EMM Security Design

Having a secure solution in todays mobile first world is imperative. Skywire technicians will work with you and your security team to build and document the security requirements, risks, policies and enforcement of your mobile fleet to match your approved security standards.

As part of the initial deployment phase a pilot is necessary to prove and test the design of the solution thereby reducing the risk for full deployment. Once a pilot has been agreed as successful then the installation and deployment plan would be carefully agreed to ensure risk is minimised and project success is maximised.

Deployment services include installation and cabling of wireless networks based upon the documented findings from the site survey report. Skywire engineers would then commission the network, which includes confirming the configuration is optimised and any mobile devices are fully connected and functional. For all deployments a consistent build quality and testing of devices prior to shipment is important. Skywire ensures all of the devices to be deployed are built to the same SOE image to ensure consistency and standardisation across the deployment. All devices would be fully tested as functional and operational before being deployed to site. Skywire would record all of the pertinent device information such as serial number, asset number, SIM card, and location as required.


We work with you to build a pilot or proof of concept program with key objectives and outcomes. We then help setup, deliver and trial the program in a test environment so that the project viability and risks can be assessed. A decision can then be made regarding production testing based upon the results from the pilot or proof of concept.

QA Staging

QA and Staging ensures that devices to be deployed are built from the ground up with your custom SOE image so that they are business ready for deployment. Your SOE image is loaded onto all units creating a standardised build across your fleet.

All units are configured, optimised, tested, enrolled into an EMM and confirmed as ready for operation. All of the relevant device information such as serial number, asset number, SIM card, and dispatch location are recorded before units are shipped out.

Onsite Commissioning

Skywire engineers attend site and commission the solution and equipment that has been supplied and deployed.

This includes any final configuration and end to end system testing to ensure that the complete solution is working correctly and as expected ready for business operation.

UAT Testing

End-User testing is the final phase of the test process before deployment into production. UAT assesses whether the solution is ready to be rolled out to the business and confirms if it meets the business and IT requirements and acceptance criteria. The Skywire technical team assist and provide support during this critical phase including building acceptance criteria, test plans and helping manage the UAT process and supporting business users during UAT.

Installation/ Staging

We supply and install network cabling and power for data communications networks.

This includes installation of network access points, antennas, network switching equipment, cable assembly and testing as well as maintenance services.

As part of the management phase of the solution Skywire would document and project manage the deployment of the rollout. This includes the documentation of the tested SOE and the device rollout information per site location. For managing your mobility devices Skywire recommends implementing a device management solution.

Skywire would understand your requirements and suggest the most appropriate device management solution. Engineers would then install, setup, test and train in the use of the relevant device management solution. Skywire engineers would be involved in building and testing the device management packages to be deployed. Skywire trainers can develop a customised training program to support the introduction of the mobility project to ensure that users and operators are given the relevant information for the project.

EMM Setup and Testing

Skywire engineers install, setup and test your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform to enable you to manage your mobile devices effectively in the field. We help enrol devices, setup users, create policies and profiles, automate reports as well as building, testing and deploying software packages to devices.

Project Management

We help manage and plan the deployment of the solution ensuring that the project is completed smoothly, on-time and to requirements. Our project managers are experienced in mobility solutions therefore understand how to deliver successfully to meet the required outcomes and success criteria for the project.

SOE Documentation

The Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is an approved software image that has been tested and deployed to your mobile fleet for a consistent and reliable user experience. Documenting the SOE is an important step in recording the individual components and settings that make up the approved SOE image.


Onboarding is a one-off service that includes the setup and integration of a new customer into the Skywire Service Desk. This includes setting up accounts, processes, assets, and any customisation that is required to ensure a successful ongoing relationship.

Health Check

We audit the integrity of an installed solution and understand user issues and concerns. If obvious problems exist, we will obtain approval to effect repairs and modifications as necessary. All findings are documented with a conclusion and recommendations to resolve any identified issues.

RF Audit

With a wireless site audit we conduct a wireless coverage check and investigate and analyse wireless performance including any reported issues. We focus on problem areas or overall health including access point and mobile device performance, we record software versions being used and system configuration. All findings are documented with a clear conclusion and recommendations to resolve the identified issues.

RF Audit

With a wireless site audit we conduct a wireless coverage check and investigate and analyse wireless performance including any reported issues. We focus on problem areas or overall health including access point and mobile device performance, we record software versions being used and system configuration. All findings are documented with a clear conclusion and recommendations to resolve the identified issues.

As built documentation

Documenting network architecture and infrastructure is important for ongoing support and troubleshooting. Skywire engineers will create as-built documentation which could include the network inventory, network diagrams, configuration details, switchport layouts, wifi design and locations etc.

Go Live Support

We provide a technical resource during the critical go-live period to assist with any troubleshooting and system optimisation tasks required at such an important time.


We help build and deliver a customised training program to support the introduction and ongoing operation of a new mobility solution. This can include best practices on use across user or administrator (train the trainer) roles with a knowledge sharing and training session

Skywire has its own service desk that currently supports over 6,500 fully contracted mobile devices in the field for
over 100 customers across over 150 different locations.

The Skywire service desk system uses a fully featured ticketing system which enables us to track your request and ensure that it is resolved within your SLA response time. It is operated by level 1 and level 2 support engineers who are fully trained in the vendor‘s product suite. As well as the standard Skywire business hours support, we can also provide technical support out of hours depending on your needs. Our support solution allows you to pick and choose what services you need, so you’re not paying for the things you don’t.



At the heart of our support service is our Skywire Mobility Service Desk which provides the foundation support systems, online services and live dashboarding to enable easy and timely support of your Mobility solution.



Customers can then choose the type of support services they require to sit on top of the Mobility Service Desk to best meet their requirements. Optional support modules include device support, WLAN support, EMM support, OS upgrades and patching, 24/7 support services and a managed spares pool.

Device Support

We specialise in the support of mobility fleets across multiple vendors and platforms. We give you business hours access to our dedicated service technicians who are fully trained and certified in mobility products.

They have the expertise and experience of working in Enterprise Mobility and have usually dealt with similar issues before. Offloading rugged mobility issues to the Skywire Helpdesk service means that your IT department does not have to deal with these often time consuming and challenging issues.

Security and OS Lifecycle Support

With security updates being released monthly, vendor patches being released regularly and new OS versions being released yearly, it has never been more important to make sure that your mobile device is kept up to date. Skywire can help facilitate those updates to your mobile fleet with our Security and OS Lifecycle service.

Wireless Support

Our service desk will help support and troubleshoot WLAN faults, network events and incidents. This includes managing typical issues such as dropouts and connectivity problems, fault resolution as well as day-to-day WLAN adminstration across your wireless network installations

EMM Support

Let Skywire take care of the day to day monitoring, maintenance and support of your MDM/EMM.

We specialise in managing mobility fleets across multiple EMM platforms and mobile operating systems. From EMM technical support to day-to-day administration our technicians are there to assist you with the ongoing management of your EMM solution.

Managed Services Spares Pool

With our managed spares pool service we replace faulty devices quickly and seamlessly from a central spares pool. We  rovide advanced exchange of a “ready-to-use” device for next business day delivery and then manage the return and repair of the faulty unit so that it can be returned to the spares pool.

24 x 7 Support

Our standard support offerings can be extended to cover mission critical operations that run outside of business hours by offering an uplift to cover 24×7 extended support.